Why use Mortgage Matchmakers?
I am Mohit Mehra – founder and director at Mortgage Matchmakers Limited.
I am a London based broker and I travel to see clients if need be.
I am a mortgage broker who has himself at one time been at a decision making a stage of getting a mortgage and I know it can be a bit daunting as it’s all about the right decision.
I can help navigate you through every stage of sourcing and applying a mortgage for you and to get the best deal available based on your individual circumstances.
I believe in keeping the process simple and lucid and believe in being contactable at all times for any questions my clients might have at any time.

The process simply includes:
• Helping you assess your financial situation
• Suggest the most suitable mortgage for your needs
• Searching the market to find deals that match your criteria

Pros and cons of using a Mortgage Broker?
There are pros and cons to using a mortgage broker.

• Convenience – mortgage brokers can be very useful if you don’t have a good working knowledge of the finance and mortgage markets, or don’t have the time to spend searching for deals, doing the paperwork and speaking to lenders.
• Access – due to their experience and contacts, a mortgage broker will usually have access to a wide range of lenders This means they may have a better chance of finding a deal that fits your criteria.
• Expertise – the mortgage industry can be confusing, and things can change rapidly in terms of lender criteria, interest rates and mortgage deals come and go. Having an expert who can explain things clearly and understands best practice can be invaluable.
• Accessibility – mortgage brokers have more options for people with quirky situations ie bad credit, temporary visas etc

• Cost – mortgage brokers aren’t always free and can add to your costs at a time when you’re trying to save as much money as possible.
• Limitations – not all brokers will have access to the entire mortgage market, meaning relying solely on a broker can limit your options.
• Quality – qualifications and experience can vary dramatically between brokers, and an incompetent one can at best slow the process and at worst cost you money if they don’t get the best deal for you. Make sure to vet them carefully and get recommendations where possible.

How do you find a mortgage broker?
A simple online search like “mortgage brokers near you” will return you lots of mortgage brokers local to you – but how do you know which is right for you?
A good start is to ask for recommendations from friends who’ve moved to the same area.
Don’t feel you have to go with the first broker you talk to, and you’re in no way obliged to use the broker an estate agent recommends to you, even if you buy your property through them.
Just remember before engaging any broker to ask some key questions:
1. “Are you independent and can you get me a mortgage from any UK lender?” Not all brokers have access to every mortgage – some are tied to specific lenders while others are ‘whole of market’.
2. “Do you charge a fee and if so, how much and when do you take it?” Different brokers charge different fees in different ways, so make sure you know before you start.
Once you find a broker – and once you spoken to him or her – have a look at their website or google reviews and don’t hesitate to ask them about their background and experience.

How is Mortgage Matchmakers different from a mortgage broker or a comparison site?
At Mortgage Matchmakers, we help every home buyer to find their perfect mortgage.

While traditional mortgage brokers might offer personal advice with a fee, they will not take care of the entire application.

On the other hand, comparison websites are free, their advice is not personalised to your needs.

Mortgage Matchmakers offers:

• Bespoke mortgage solutions
• FREE initial consultation
• FREE 30 minute fact find call
• FREE 2nd opinion if you have an existing broker
• Professional advice for clients on visas, low deposits, self-employed, contractors, bad credit, and releasing money from existing properties, buy to lets etc.

How do I contact Mortgage Matchmakers?

Contact Mortgage Matchmakers:
Mohit Mehra
Phone number: 07915577777
Address: 44 West Plaza, Town lane, Staines TW19 7FG

Will I be credit checked?
Mortgage Matchmakers will not check your credit without your consent.

What does Mortgage Matchmakers do with my data?
Mortgage Matchmakers value the data you’ve shared and will guard it with utmost security. Rest assured that your data will not be shared with other parties.
The details are in our privacy policy.

How does Mortgage Matchmakers earn its money?
Mortgage Matchmakers will charge you a fee of a minimum of £495 per mortgage. The fees might be higher if the cases are more complicated and require more time.

We believe you should only pay for what has been helpful, so we only bill our clients after a significant amount of work on your mortgage has already been done. We typically expect the first payment only once the application has been submitted. We also charge when the “Agreement in Principle” has been accepted.

This fee also covers the dedicated sales support team that process the application, liaising on your behalf with the lender, the valuer, the estate agents and the solicitors.

This helps to ensure the process goes smoothly and all parties work together towards the desired completion date.

The fees charged DO NOT affect our mortgage solutions.

We pride ourselves on putting your needs before ours and we would never endanger our relationship with our clients.

How is Mortgage Matchmakers regulated?
Mortgage Matchmakers is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

Who are the Mortgage Matchmakers?
Mortgage Matchmakers is an FCA regulated company that demystifies the process of finding the right mortgage for any and every home buyer.

The match is customised to meet every buyer’s requirements whilst simplifying the mortgage selection process.

Looking for privacy policy of our mortgage provider? Download them here:

Mortgage privacy policy list
Mortgage data protection